Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018

Garden Bloggers´ Bloom Day - February 2018

Dear readers,
I wish you all a happy Garden Bloggers´ Bloom Day-February 2018! This has been a very creative month for me. I started transforming my second terrace wall and have been doing many terracotta pots, which I can´t wait to plant up soon. I also had fun doing some more wreaths from branches. Most importantly, I have also been enjoying many blooms in my garden and on my terraces this month. Although we also had some snow, the weather was mostly mild and spring doesn´t seem far anymore! I am especially happy with my hellebores and cyclamen coum. Theses plants seem to do so well in my garden. I´d like to thank Carol from for hosting Garden Blogger´s Bloom Day. Please visit her blog to see which plants bloom for other garden bloggers this month.
Have a lovely week!
Best wishes,

Cyclamen coum really seem to be happy in my garden. Only planted them about this time last year and they have already produced so many seedlings. I would´t have imagined that they would naturalise so soon.

This beautiful helleborus plant really surprised me. It had been totally covered by leaves until its pretty blooms popped up only two days ago. Didn´t even remember that I planted a helleborus in that spot.

My rosemary has bloomed throughout winter. As you can see, it is a pink blooming variety. I bought it while being on a garden vacation to England in June 2017. I am really glad I took it with me. Whenever I see it I am thinking of my garden vacation.

As you see in this picture, I started doing my second terrace wall. I am not very far yet, but hope to nevertheless finish it soon. 


Here you see some of the planters I did this month.  I really enjoy working with clay. I find it very relaxing and it helps passing cold winter days.


Samstag, 27. Januar 2018

DIY snowdrop wreath

Dear readers, 
I have the feeling that spring is coming soon! The days are getting longer, birds are singing in my garden and tiny green shoots are popping out of the ground. I love to visit garden centres at this time of the year as the first delivery of forced spring bulbs has just arrived. It is the time when grey winter days are finally brightened up by some colour again. At the garden centres I discovered flowers such as snowdrops, winter irises, cyclamen, hyacinths, daffodils and tulips. And not to forget primroses. These I like in particular as their lovely fragrance feels the air of the garden centres and instantly reminds me of spring. Of course, I can´t leave the garden centres without taking some of these lovely spring flowers with me. Last week I bought some snowdrops with the intention of using them for a small DIY project. Some time ago I saw a picture of a heart-shaped wreath with a snowdrop  plant imbedded in it on a blog or in garden magazine (I can't remember anymore). As it looked so lovely I tried to do a similar wreath myself. After collecting some branches from trees and moss I started my small project and I think it turned out quite nice and most importantly the wreath gives me some feeling of spring. 
Have a lovely weekend!
Best wishes,



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